Download the latest version of Direct Connect Client Application

-= Windows =-
Apex DC++

Strong DC++

-= MAC OS =- 

To Connect To The LanGate Hub Follow The Instructions As Shown Below

=> Connect Your Internet Dial-Up
=> Start Strong DC++ OR Apex DC++
=> File - Settings 

=> General - Enter your Registered Nickname

=> Connection Settings - Select Enable automatic incoming connection type detection

=> Set Default Downloads / Unfinished Downloads Directory

=> Select Folders for sharing (Please Do Not Share Personal Data)

=> Set your Upload Slots as per your Profile ( Minimum Upload Slots Recommended - 10 )
=> Click On OK

=> Go to File - Quick Connect

=> Enter LanGate Hub IP

=> Enter Password Sent For Registration Of Your LanGate ID  

=> Once Connected Right Click Hub Tab & Add The Hub To Your Favorites 

=> Only Registered Users Will Be Able To Connect To The LanGate Hub <=

=> Users Unable To Connect To The LanGate Hub. Please Contact Your Local ISP <=

=> To Register Please send An E-Mail To langatehub@gmail.com <=

::::  LanGate Hub is open only for Unlimited Data Plan Users  ::::
:: Data Plan Users please contact your local ISP for LanGate Hub connection details ::